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he aim of every serious student of Judaism is to achieve self-sufficiency in understanding Jewish texts, especially the Talmud. For the young man with strong intellectual capabilities and motivation who senses a disparity between his mastery of secular and Jewish subjects, possessing the ability to independently study Jewish classics is an urgent one. If he has only one year to devote to this seemingly impossible effort before returning to his career or general studies, he must find a program especially designed to achieving this breakthrough quickly and effectively.

The Center is a learning program specifically designed for the academically talented student. It is structured for one who is seeking a deeper understanding of Judaism and has a strong will to become independent in textual understanding. The program takes a holistic approach to the Baal Teshuva's integration of Torah into his life and facilitates a healthy transition to an observant lifestyle. The program is structured in such a way that the serious student will maximise his study time. The people teaching in the program have gone to great efforts to design classes which will convey the tools of Torah learning to their pupils. They combine Talmudic expertise with secular erudition and present centuries of Jewish scholarship to contemporary Jews in a lucid manner that retains the rigorous analytical style of the Talmud itself..

The program has its own convenient facilities, its own unique curriculum, its own special staff providing instruction and guidance to small classes so that individual attention can be provided for each student. The residence facilities have been arranged to provide a comfortable feeling of exclusiveness which allow for the expression of individuality and creativity.

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Ohr Somayach - Tanenbaum College,
The parent institution of the Center for Torah Studies, has proven itself a world leader in providing thousands of university students and graduates from throughout the world with an introduction to Jewish studies.  Some of them have gone on to become distinguished scholars and educators while many others have gained the skills to continue studying on their own while pursuing their careers with distinction.

The main thrust of this program is to make you self-sufficient in studying Jewish texts.  Towards this end you must ask yourself three questions:-

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