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The Center for Torah Studies in the Center of the World, Jerusalem

When, Where, What and for WHOM?

The one year program runs from September through June. The campus is located in the heart of Jerusalem, within walking distance of the shopping and commercial districts, the Old City and the Western Wall, Mea Shearim and the Hebrew University. Living in Israel is, in itself, an educational experience. The program enhances this experience with tours to various parts of the country and by organizing Shabbatot with families that represent the broad spectrum of religious life in Israel. A high teacher-student ratio ensures personal attention and ample opportunity for discussion. Participants are encouraged to develop personal relationships with the staff of Rabbis and educators, who also open their homes to students on Shabbatot and Yamim Tovim. The Center for Torah Studies campus includes the Beit Midrash, classrooms and seminar rooms. The library contains a vast collection of Torah classics including facsimile editions of rare manuscripts.

The campus offers full dormitory facilities and services. The dining room serves three meals daily and the college caters for all Shabbatot and Yamim Tovim. The dormitories and kitchen remain open during the semester breaks, including Pesach. Participants may also reside off-campus and attend classes at the college.

Admission to the program is highly selective and only applicants with exemplary academic ability and motivation are considered. Applicants must have some background in Jewish studies, and a personal interview is required in addition to the provision of suitable references.

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