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The Center for Torah Studies in the Center of the World, Jerusalem


Hebrew - Optional classes in Biblical and Conversational Hebrew are available for enhancing your language skills.

Transfer Credits are accepted for full or partial credit by most universities throughout the USA and Canada.

E-Mail facilities on campus enable students to obtain their own E-mail accounts through the Ohr Somayach Computer Department which also stocks a range of educational computer materials such as Judaica quizzes, review questions in Talmud and Halacha, vocabulary flash cards, and a survey of Torah literature.

Guest Lecturers by Torah scholars, political leaders and scientists, meetings with distinguished visitors, and the option of internship projects in civic affairs complement the basic curriculum. 

Guided Tours to various parts of the country offer an opportunity to appreciate the past and present of life in Israel.

The Student Lounge adjoins the English Judaica Library with its extensive collection of Torah literature and Jerusalem Echoes audio cassettes which students can borrow.

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 For more information, contact  Saul Mandel at the Ohr Somayach Main Campus in Jerusalem
Tel. 972-2-581-0315 fax. 972-2-581-2890

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