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J101 is a ten month program open to male Jewish college students and young professionals, who have the desire to explore Judaism in depth. J101 will demonstrate how exciting and relevant Judaism can be in the 21st century. No prior religious background or commitment is required. more details »


Be part of Ohr Somayach's internationally recognized Glassman Jewish Learning Exchange. Thousands of students from around the world have already taken part in the 6-week summer and 3-week winter programs. Scholarships are available to qualifying students. more details »


jInternship is a unique opportunity to develop Jewish identity and knowledge (in Mechina) together with exciting work experience in top Israeli business, high tech, and social services. more details »


For Jewish men (aged 19-30) wishing to delve into Jewish philosophy and to acquire textual skills in Gemara, Chumash and other classic Jewish texts. more details »
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