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The schedule is designed in such a way that the devoted student will be able to maximise his time in yeshiva. The day includes a highly interactive and in-depth Gemora shiur. A high teacher-student ratio ensures personal attention. The focus of the shiurim is to teach the student the tools of analysis and Talmudic logic, vocabulary and reading skills. Special emphasis is placed on teaching key words and key concepts.

After the shiur, students spend time learning with their study partners (chavruta). This allows the student's time for their independent input.

The morning schedule also includes a halocha shiur which is designed to cover the basic laws of daily conduct and festivals and to expand familiarity with relevant halachic issues. The classic work- Kitzur Shulchan Aruch - is used as the base text for this class.

The daily hashkafa (Jewish outlook) class covers a broad range of topics concerning Jewish values and perspectives on life. A once a week sicha (discourse) will discuss comtemporary issues in the light of Torah.

The afternoon schedule includes a historical lecture on the Prophets (Nach) as well as an thorough analysis of the weekly portion (Chumash). A Hebrew ulpan allows the students to learn the nature and rules of the language of the texts they are studying.
The afternoon schedule ends with an option of a quick paced Gemora shiur or a class based on the works of the Rambam (Maimonides).

The night schedule is devoted to studying with a learning partner in preparation for the next mornings' in-depth Gemora shiur. The night staff are available to answer questions and teach preparation classes.

This study program has proved effective in allowing students to achieve maximum growth in the limited time they have. The student body is carefully selected in order to provide a strongly motivated atmosphere which greatly enhances the dynamic of the course.



 For more information, contact  Saul Mandel at the Ohr Somayach Main Campus in Jerusalem
Tel. 972-2-581-0315 fax. 972-2-581-2890

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