Burning Heart – Do NOT Extinguish! – Parshat Tzav

It says in Parshat Tzav, “A permanent fire should remain aflame on the Altar; it shall not be extinguished.” The Gemara learns that anyone who extinguishes a single coal from the fire of the Altar, has transgressed a negative Torah commandment. If the extinguishing of a single physical coal is such a serious matter, surely one should never extinguish even one hope or aspiration on the altar of the heart. In the troubled times in which we live, let us reach out and encourage with words and love every aspiration and hope in the hearts of others!
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About the Author

Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair has been part of Ohr Somayach since 1987. Rabbi Sinclair gives a daily Gemara shiur in the Intermediate Program and a weekly philosophy shiur in the Mechina Program. He is a senior staff writer of the Torah internet publications Ohrnet, Torah Weekly and Seasons of the Moon. His articles have been published in many journals and magazines including the Jewish Observer, American Jewish Spirit, AJOP Newsletter, Zurich’s Die Jüdische Zeitung, South African Jewish Report and many others. His first book Seasons of the Moon – the Auerbach Edition

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