Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair

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Belief in Belief – Parshat Bo

Belief is not like an on/off switch. It is a character trait that can be weakened or strengthened.

Hidden Miracles Part 1 (Jewish Understanding)

If a miracle is an open manifestation of God's dominion over Nature, how can there be hidden miracles?

Two Questions, One Answer – Parshat Vaera

If Moshe had ten names, why was 'Moshe' the only name that Hashem called him? And why didn't Yocheved, Moshe's mother, hide him somewhere more secure than the river Nile? Two questions with the same answer.

The Greatest Truth (Jewish Understanding)

The heights of redemption come from the depths of exile.

The Enigma Code – Parshat Shemot

Yaakov and Yosef gave the Jewish People a secret code so they would recognize the redeemer who would take them out of Egypt. But even the best codes can be broken - what made this code unbreakable?

It’s Nothing? Parshat Vayigash

Saying sincerely, "I forgive you" is sometimes more difficult than saying "Sorry." But it's just as important.

Dreaming the Dream – Parshat Vayeishev

Jews have always been dreamers. Why is it that so often our dreams don't come true?

Chanukah and the Honey Bee (Jewish Holiday – Hanukkah)

The honeybee is the only creature that is tameh, but it produces something tahor, kosher, Honey. It is the symbol of how the self-involvement of this world can be sublimated to a higher connection.