Sweat the Small Stuff: Parshat Mishpatim

It’s important to be careful about all of the Torah’s laws.

Escape the Task Master! – Parshat Yitro

 Sometimes life just seems to be one obligation after another. Here’s a way to turn your tasks into life-enhancing positive experiences.

Parshat Beshalach – Where is God in the World?

Sometimes it’s difficult to see that there is Someone running this world. If you’ve ever felt that way, you’re in good company because even Moses felt that way. What changed his mind?

It’s Not Too Late: Parshat Bo

Why does G-d tell Moses to warn Pharoah again after hardening Pharoah’s heart?

Frogs On Fire: Parshat Va’Eira

What can we learn from the frogs in Egypt?

The Feelings of Others: Parshat Shemot

Let’s all follow Moses’ lead in worrying about others. Having trouble viewing this video? Please click here to see additional formats.

Parshat Shemot – How I Became an Ambassador for Israel

In Egypt the Jewish People didn’t change their names, their dress, or their language. They were a very conspicuous minority. As we began – so we continue…