Mr. Harry Rothenberg

Harry Rothenberg, Esq., an Ohr Somayach alumnus, magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, and partner at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP (, is best known for his successes in the courtroom on behalf of victims of catastrophic injury. Harry is equally passionate about speaking on Jewish topics. A sought-after lecturer for his crowd-pleasing talks, Harry’s signature project is this popular weekly video blog about Jewish holidays and the Torah portion of the week.

The Story of Harry Rothenberg, Esq. on Meaningful People

Ohr Somayach alumnus, Harry Rothenberg Esq. speaks on meaningful people.

Keep On Loving Them: Parshat Toldot

Why do we need to be told that Esau got up and left after selling his birthright to his younger brother Jacob?

No, You Go First: Parshat Noach

What was the first thing that Noah did after he left the ark, and why was it so important?

The Princess: Sukkot

My twins are back, with a story for Sukkot.

Stitches: Parshat Ki Tavo

A visit to the plastic surgeon is never easy.

New Year Resolutions: Parshat Shoftim

An obscure ritual provides an inspiring message for this time of year.