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Harry Rothenberg, Esq., a partner at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP https://www.injurylawyer.com/ and magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and an alumnus Ohr Somayach, is best known for his successes in the courtroom on behalf of victims of catastrophic injury. Harry is equally passionate about speaking on Jewish topics. A sought-after lecturer for his crowd-pleasing talks, Harry’s signature project is this popular weekly video blog about Jewish holidays and the Torah portion of the week.

The Story of Harry Rothenberg, Esq. on Meaningful People

Ohr Somayach alumnus, Harry Rothenberg Esq. speaks on meaningful people.

Catty: Parshat Beshalach

How did the "manna" from Heaven get its name?

4 Strikes and You’re Not Out?: Parshat Bo

What can we learn from some very unexpected prayers?

The Ambassadors: Parshat Vaera

Why does Moses repeat an argument that he made previously at the burning bush?

Slow News Day: Parshat Shemot

Why is it remarkable that we hear so little about Moses’ early years?

Elvis Is in the Building: Parshat Vayechi

Why does Jacob’s blessing to Joseph begin so strangely?

The Playbook: Parshat Vayigash

Here is Joseph’s manual for how to act and not to act after you have been wronged by someone.

Return to Israel: Parshat Vayishlach

Why was Jacob so scared upon his return to the Holy Land?

Yes, More Mr. Nice Guy: Parshat Vayeitzei

What’s the connection between the “Greek Freak” and this week’s Torah portion?

Let It Go: Parshat Chayei Sarah

Why did Abraham serve so much food to his guests?

No Limits: Parshat Vayeira

Why did Abraham serve so much food to his guests?

Acts of Random Kindness: Parshat Noach

Why did Noach and his family have to spend an entire year in the ark?

Jewish Education: Parshat Bereishit

We know that G-d confronted Cain after he killed his brother Abel. But how did Adam and Eve find out what had happened?

Holy Land: Sukkot

Can’t get a permit to visit Israel this Sukkot? There is still hope….

The Fake Vaccination Card: Yom Kippur

What can we learn from one woman’s illegal attempt to avoid quarantine?

The Ultimate Sacrifice: Rosh Hashana

What lesson can we learn from one of the most puzzling stories in all of human history?

Halloween in August? Parshat Ki Tavo

Little did I know that missing my exit would lead to a such an interesting discovery.

My New Alarm Clock: Elul

Anyone else want to sign up for a game-changing resolution?

The Mezuza Salesman: Parshat Va’etchanan

Where is the most unusual place you have ever purchased a mezuzah?

Shine a Light: Tisha B’Av

We have to spread light into the darkest places.

50-50: Parshat Pinchas

Shouldn’t we set our goals higher than 50%?