Harry’s Video Blog

Harry Rothenberg, Esq., a partner at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP https://www.injurylawyer.com/ and magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and an alumnus Ohr Somayach, is best known for his successes in the courtroom on behalf of victims of catastrophic injury. Harry is equally passionate about speaking on Jewish topics. A sought-after lecturer for his crowd-pleasing talks, Harry’s signature project is this popular weekly video blog about Jewish holidays and the Torah portion of the week.

Candy From a Baby: Parshat Beha’alotcha

We have to always look for mitzvah opportunities.

The Unsafe Lane Change: Parshat Bamidbar

We have to always be aware of our surroundings.

The Cheat Code: Parshat Bechukotai

Want to work fewer hours, with less aggravation?

Telltale Signs: Parshat Behar

How can you tell whether you really believe in G-d?

Work It Out: Parshat Kedoshim

Criticism is an art form, and an obligation.

Say Something: Parshat Acharei Mot

The Jewish people are under attack. Don’t stay on the sidelines.

Weapons of Mass Devotion: Passover

Why did the Jewish people have to take weapons along when they left Egypt?

Representing the Jewish People: Parshat Tzav

With the entire world watching us now, every Jew is an ambassador.

The Cold Side of the Pillow: Purim

Find the cold side of the pillow, then relax.

Great Idea: Parshat Vayakhel

Ideas are great. Actions are better. 

Brothers: Parshat Shemot

An unforgettable visit to an Israeli army base.

The Flamethrower: Parshat Vayigash

What can we learn from Joseph’s dramatic revelation of his true identity to his brothers?

Chanukah Spices

Something to think about while lighting the menorah.

Meet the Family: Parshat Lech Lecha

Ever notice what is so fascinating about Abraham’s household?