The Story of Harry Rothenberg, Esq. on Meaningful People

Ohr Somayach alumnus, Harry Rothenberg Esq. speaks on meaningful people.

Weapons of Mass Devotion: Passover

Why did the Jewish people have to take weapons along when they left Egypt?

The Seder – A Mystical Understanding (Jewish Holidays)

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The Mystery – Shabbat Hagadol

All Jewish festivals and commemorations are linked to the calendar date. We always celebrate Pesach on the fifteenth of Nissan, which this year falls on a Tuesday even though at the time of the Exodus it was a Thursday. The same is true of Sukkot, of Shavuot, of Chanuka, of Purim, of every Jewish remembrance – we always commemorate the calendar date not the day of the week - with one exception: Shabbat HaGadol. What do we commemorate on Shabbat HaGadol and why don’t we celebrate it on its calendar date?