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The time that a student spends at Ohr Somayach represents a small, though usually crucial part of his lifetime. The Alumni Association provides the framework to allow the alumnus to maintain relationships with rabbis and friends alike.

Newsletters, dinners, reunions, trips to Israel and a continuous flow of globetrotting rabbis to maintain contact with former students provide a range of opportunities for alumni to stay connected with the special people who shared, what was for many, the most exciting and challenging experience of their lives.

Alumni activities exist all over the world-wherever in fact, there are former Ohr Somayach students. But activities focus on Israel, where over 1,200 alumni and their families have settled, in addition to the thousands of Israeli students who have passed through Ohr Somayach.

The Alumni Association provides much more than this important dimension of human contact. The experience at Ohr Somayach serves to heighten the individual’s appreciation of Judaism. It requires effort and sensitivity to integrate one’s Judaism with going back home - to college or work. The Alumni Association has developed a range of resources to help the alumnus combine all aspects of his life.

Students leaving Ohr Somayach are encouraged to register with the Alumni office in order to benefit from the services offered by the Alumni Association.

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