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Candidates for admission may apply directly to:
Ohr Somayach Tanenbaum College,
Office of the Registrar, 1 Ohr Somayach Street,
P.O. Box 18103, Jerusalem, 91180, Israel;
Tel: 972-2-581-0315,
or to any of its branches or affiliates around the world (see Directory of Institutions).

Acceptance to all programs is based on academic records and personal interviews. The college reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time without previous notice or explanation of reasons.

Candidates for the Introductory Program must have completed secondary school. Candidates for the Intermediate Program must have a basic knowledge of Hebrew and familiarity with Bible, Mishna and Talmud.

Candidates for the Advanced Program must have the ability to converse and write in Hebrew; a working familiarity with Jewish Law; proficiency in the Pentateuch with commentaries and completion of 150 folio pages of Talmud.


Basic cost for tuition, room and board is $15,000 per year. In addition there is a $50 application fee. Ohr Somayach is a participant in the federal loan programs of the United States and Canada through which eligible students may apply for financial aid. Full financial details are available through the Bursar's Office. (All figures quoted are in US dollars and are subject to change without prior notice). Transcripts are available by applying to the Office of the Registrar. Transcripts of course study, credits earned, grades and degrees are sent to colleges and universities throughout the world. Although many universities have traditionally accepted credits from Ohr Somayach, we cannot guarantee such acceptance and therefore assume no responsibility. A $35 fee for each certified transcript is required, as well as clearance from the Bursar's Office that all financial obligations have been satisfied.


A valid passport allows you to enter Israel for a stay of three months. After this time, you can extend your stay through one of several visa options. For specific information, particularly for students considering settling in Israel, consult the Registrar. For general information about living conditions in Israel (climate, banks, electrical items, etc.), it is recommended that you contact the Israel Aliyah Center, (www.aliyah.org) the Israeli Consulate or the Israel Government Tourism office (www.goisrael.com). In Israel contact the Department of Information for Olim, P.O. Box 616, Jerusalem.


Students must be fully covered by medical insurance. Local insurance is advisable, as foreign policies are generally not honored. The admissions office will assist students in registering for available schemes. Local premiums are very reasonable and coverage is full, excluding pre-existing conditions and routine check-ups.


On-campus housing is provided at Ohr Somayach for full-time students. Accommodation for visiting students can be made at time of application.

Student Advisory Board

Student representatives meet regularly - both formally and informally - with administration and faculty members on issues of curriculum, campus life and other matters pertaining to the academic and personal welfare of the students.

Canteen and Store

A canteen on the main campus provides light meals and refreshments. Books and religious articles are also made available to students at special reduced rates.

Student Loans

An interest-free loan fund provides both short and long term loans to students.


The faculty includes trained and experienced counselors, available to students for advice in educational and personal matters. Counselors deal with program planning, study techniques for students with limited background, utilization of tutoring time and career planning.
The counseling staff maintains continuous contact with the teachers. The feedback maximizes each individual student’s potential for educational growth.


Daily tutorials, to help prepare for classes and lectures are available for all students. Tutors are individually appointed to overcome specific weaknesses and maximize strengths.

Extra-Curricular Activities

All students are encouraged to take advantage of local sports and recreational facilities. Regular baseball and basketball games are informally organized among students and staff.

For holidays and summer vacation, Ohr Somayach organizes activities and tours. The college sponsors guided tours of Israel during vacation periods and frequent walking tours of Jerusalem. These trips to historic and religious sites are designed to make the students’ academic studies concrete and relevant.

Students with literary, journalistic and graphic skills are encouraged to participate in Ohr Somayach publications.


The counseling and administrative staff assists students in obtaining jobs on campus that present minimum conflict with their academic program.

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