HaRav Mendel Weinbach

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HaGaon HaRav Mendel Weinbach
Remembering Rav Weinbach booklet

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Printed copies are available from the Ohr Somayach office. All proceeds will go to the Gemach Fund established by Rav Weinbach zt"l for students of Ohr Somayach.

We didn't just lose a Rosh HaYeshiva. We lost a teacher, leader, advisor, educator, journalist, planner, historian, lecturer, statesman, therapist, problem-solver, author, diplomat, patriarch, friend, comrade and rebbie.

We have created this page to give an opportunity for rabbis, staff, students, alumni and friends to share their memories and thoughts about a man who so successfully dedicated his entire life to educating his fellow Jew.  This will help us towards an understanding of who Rav Weinbach zt”l was and what he meant to all who had the merit to know him and interact with him.

Our loss is immeasurable, but our consolation will be in fulfilling the continuity of his legacy of reaching out to our fellow Jew and bringing him closer to Torah.

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