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The Main Campus
The main campus is a hub of activity, comprising a complex of facilities: The Beth Midrash (study hall) building with four floors of classrooms and lecture halls; food services wing, including kitchens, cafeteria and canteen; residence halls, libraries, and the administration block of offices and conference area.

The main campus is on Shimon Hatzadik Street, a major artery linking old and new Jerusalem. Its location facilitates easy access to all major points of the city.

The main campus accommodates a wide and varied student population: from beginning freshman to graduate students doing independent work on fellowship.

The Introductory Program
The Introductory Program provides a unique experience in Jewish education. University-aged young men with little or no background in Judaic studies are given an introduction to Jewish learning. They are guided by the most articulate and informed Jewish educators and are encouraged to confront important issues relevant to the modern world.

An introduction to the Hebrew texts complements the excellent selection of lectures and discussion groups. Individual tutorials and personal attention are special features of the program. Staff members, available at every hour of the day, provide a unique environment where every individual can focus on the challenges of exploring new areas in Jewish learning.

The Beit Medrash program (Intermediate and Advanced)

  • Intermediate Mechina Program
  • Advanced Beit Medrish Program

The Bet Midrash program, one of the finest educational undertakings of its kind, provides an intermediate and advanced level learning program for students lacking a formal Jewish education background.

As the student progresses and develops a familiarity with the Hebrew language, the program becomes one of individually structured self-directed education. The Bible is analyzed in depth to foster an understanding of the roots of Jewish tradition. Philosophy, ethics and history are studied from their sources.

At the same time the student is guided in the methodology of Talmudic discourse. The student learns to independently prepare a folio of Talmud and to engage in creative research, coming to appreciate, first hand, the intense experience of unraveling a complex Talmudic problem.

Organized classes provide a framework that encourages students to set up projects in areas of individual concern, and to arrange workshop groups with teachers, tutors and fellow students. A high teacher-student ratio, and a staff composed of some of the foremost scholars in Jewish learning, ensures that each student receives maximum opportunity for development.

The Center for Torah Studies

The aim of every serious student of Judaism is to achieve self-sufficiency in understanding Jewish texts, especially the Talmud. For the young man with intellectual capabilities and motivation who senses a disparity between his mastery of secular and Jewish subjects, the need to attain an ability to independently study Jewish classics is an urgent one. And if he only has one year to devote to this seemingly impossible effort before returning to his career or general studies he must find a program especially designed to achieving this breakthrough in such a space of time.

Such a program - with its own convenient facilities, with its own unique curriculum and with its own special staff providing instruction and guidance to small classes so that individual attention can be provided for each student – is the Center Program.

The Derech Institute

A program developed for motivated post-high school students who may or may not have had a strong formal Jewish education. The Derech Institute accesses the resources of Ohr Somayach. A special staff provides instruction and guidance to small classes so that individual attention can be provided for each student.

Goals for the year are, a breakthrough in Talmud; growth in Chumash; development in Jewish thought and an understanding of Jewish law. The student is encouraged to get involved in chesed projects and is instilled with a love and appreciation of the Land of Israel.

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