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A Jewish Woman’s Power – Parshat Pikudei

We often refer to God as "He" - but God's presence on earth, the "Shechina" is a femine noun. "He" is "She."

Mystical Worlds – Ki Tissa

Why is the word for a 'thing' in Hebrew - 'davar' - from the same root as the word for 'speech' - 'dibbur? As solid as 'things' seem, they are no more than God 'speaking' them - keeping them in existence by His word.

The Great ‘Blander’ – Parshat Tetzave

If you had your choice, would you choose to live in a world with the potential for great good but the danger of great evil, or a blend of the two resulting in a great blandness?

Weapons of Mass Distraction – Parshat Mishpatim

If the original sound of the giving of the Torah never fades, how come we don't hear it anymore?

How the Japanese Saved the Jews – Parshat Yitro

During World War II some 40,000 Jews found themselves under Japanese occupation in Manchuria, China and countries of South East Asia. Virtually all of them survived the war, but the Germans repeatedly pressured the Japanese to implement their "Final Solution." This is a famous story of how The Amshinover Rebbe, zt"l dissuaded the Japanese from complying with Hitler's dictate.

Is Gene Editing Playing God? – Parshat Beshalach

The current Covid pandemic has a silver lining: It has accelerated research into gene editing techniques that promise to put an end to many lethal hereditary diseases. But should man interfere in the work of God?

What’s Wrong With Amazon’s Kindle? – Parshat Bo

E-books are very convenient but they will never replace real books. Why?

Seeing Is Believing – Parshat Vaera

It's all too easy to go through life without actually seeing what is all around us.

Are the Jews Traitors? – Parshat Shemot

A common accusation against Jews is that they hold a divided loyalty. This is true but it's not the divided loyalty that most people think.