Chumash Bamidbar23 Videos

Psst – Wanna Fake Rolex? – Behalotecha

Is it true that "You can't always get what you want?"

We Are Family – Parshat Bamidbar

The Jewish People are like one soul in many bodies.

Rabbi Uri Zohar – Parshat Behalotecha

It’s difficult for someone who’s not Israeli to understand the impact of Rabbi Uri Zohar. Uri Zohar was the leading actor of his generation, the leading film producer and the leading stage producer all rolled up into one person. In 1977 he made a life change and became a Torah scholar and a highly influential Rabbi. He passed away at the beginning of June 2022

The Blue Beyond – Parshat Shelach

The 'tzitzit' - the fringes that a Jew wears on a four-cornered garment give us a glimpse of infinity.

It Takes a Lot of Faith to Be an Atheist – Parshat Chukat

When opening up their morning newspaper, why do atheists turn to the horoscope page?

Extras in Our Own Epic – Parshat Balak

There’s something unusual about Parshat Balak. It’s the only parsha in the Torah where the Jewish People, the “stars of the show” seem to only have a “walk-on” part. We see Bilam and Balak close up as they plot to destroy the Jewish People, but Israel is only seen in the background – almost off-camera. Why is this?