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#Thankful: Parshat Vayetzei

Don't celebrate Thanksgiving only once a year.

4 Strikes and You’re Not Out?: Parshat Bo

What can we learn from some very unexpected prayers?

50-50: Parshat Pinchas

Shouldn’t we set our goals higher than 50%?

A Kinder, Gentler You: Parshat Terumah

What is a necessary building block for a healthy relationship with G-d?

A Wish Fulfilled: Parshat Vayishlach

Why did Jacob seemingly override Rachel’s last request? Having trouble viewing this video? Please click here to see additional formats.

Acts of Random Kindness: Parshat Noach

Why did Noach and his family have to spend an entire year in the ark?

All Hail the Chief: Parshat Bo

Here is an interesting lesson about respect.

All In: Parshat Beshalach

How can we understand the curious command Moses gives to the Israelites just before the parting of the sea?

Are You My Brother?: Parshat Vayeitzei

My twins gave me a break and filmed this week’s video. Hope you enjoy it. And I hope I get my job back next week. :)

Ask the Right Question: Tisha B’Av

We can handle pain. But contradictions torture us.