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The Abraham Accords: Parshat Vayeira

Why are the Abraham Accords so aptly named? And is there more to come?

Meron: The Aftermath

What should we do when the pain, grief, and questions threaten to overwhelm us?

Music To G-D’s Ears: Parshat Naso

What can we learn from the singing of the Levites?

Holy Land: Sukkot

Can’t get a permit to visit Israel this Sukkot? There is still hope….

Your Money or Your Life?: Parshat Vayishlach

Why did Jacob return for some small, seemingly worthless vessels?

Gratitude: Parshat Mattot-Masei

Moses does something very surprising in this week’s Torah portion. Why? And what is the message for us?

Grace After Meals: Parshat Eikev

Why is it so important to make blessings before and after eating?