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Humble Pie: Parshat Yitro

Moses shows us that we have to run away from, not toward honor.

The Story of Harry Rothenberg, Esq. on Meaningful People

Ohr Somayach alumnus, Harry Rothenberg Esq. speaks on meaningful people.

Catty: Parshat Beshalach

How did the "manna" from Heaven get its name?

4 Strikes and You’re Not Out?: Parshat Bo

What can we learn from some very unexpected prayers?

The Ambassadors: Parshat Vaera

Why does Moses repeat an argument that he made previously at the burning bush?

Slow News Day: Parshat Shemot

Why is it remarkable that we hear so little about Moses’ early years?

Elvis Is in the Building: Parshat Vayechi

Why does Jacob’s blessing to Joseph begin so strangely?

The Playbook: Parshat Vayigash

Here is Joseph’s manual for how to act and not to act after you have been wronged by someone.

Return to Israel: Parshat Vayishlach

Why was Jacob so scared upon his return to the Holy Land?

Yes, More Mr. Nice Guy: Parshat Vayeitzei

What’s the connection between the “Greek Freak” and this week’s Torah portion?