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In Ohr Lagolah we aim to do much more than just prepare you for your first job, we aim to give you skills and knowledge for life. To this end we offer a wide variety of classes and training, developing your skills and covering many different Torah subjects. Over the two years in the program you can cover courses such as:

  • Informal Outreach, Kiruv & Campus Kiruv
  • Practical Rabbonus
  • Jewish Philosophy / Kiruv Topics
  • Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology
  • Personal Development
  • Persuasion and Public Speaking
  • Rabbinic Counseling
  • Halachic Issues in Kiruv
  • Leadership &, Management
  • The Successful Job Search
  • How to Refute a Missionary

Learning Seder

Ohr Lagolah participants should be in full-time learning. We strongly encourage you to have your learning fully integrated with your training and to take advantage of the opportunity to learn in Ohr Somayach where you are constantly surrounded with opportunities for practical experience.

Many participants are concurrently enrolled in Yeshivas Ohr Somayach’s semicha preparation program. There are currently two halacha chaburot (Issur v'Heter and Shabbos). Acceptance into these chaburot is subject to a bechina.

Hands on Experience

As an affiliate of Yeshivat Ohr Somayach (Tanenbaum College) Ohr Lagolah is uniquely placed to offer hands on experience to participants on the program.

With approximately four hundred students registered in the eight other programs in the yeshiva, there are often opportunities to gain experience both teaching and interacting with students of different levels of observance. As part of your training, you will be required to undertake practical experience. For example tutoring introductory students on a one-to-one basis, and teaching classes in various Ohr Somayach programs. The (summer and winter) JLE trips of beginner students also provide a welcome opportunity for both formal and informal interaction.

Wives’ Program

We also run a program for the Ohr Lagolah wives to equip them with the necessary skills, tools and information to support their husbands in their work.


Ohr Lagolah's lecturers are highly regarded Jewish educators and spiritual leaders, eminent scholars, distinguished in their fields. Our faculty includes:

  • Rav Nota Schiller, Rosh Yeshiva, Ohr Somayach
  • Rav Yitzchak Breitowitz, Rav of Kehillas Ohr Somayach
  • Rav Moshe Lazerus
  • Rav Zev Leff
  • Rav Yonason Wiener
  • Rav Tzvi Wainstein
  • Rabbi Shmuel Bloom
  • Rabbi Dr Dovid Gottlieb
  • Rabbi Kalmen Rosenbaum
  • Rabbi Dovid Kaplan
  • Rabbi Peretz Segal
  • R’ Dovid Olesker
  • Rabbi Richard Jacobs

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