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World Wide Branches

The Ohr Somayach - Jewish Learning Center in Sydney offers a full program of daily and weekly classes, lectures and discussion groups. A Men�s Mini Kollel meets four times a week for in-depth study of the Talmud. A Mini Kollel Program for women offers high quality classes twice weekly. Business Lunch and Learn meetings are held at locations in the heart of the business district each week.

In addition, visiting Ohr Somayach rabbis come to Sydney from around the world, to teach and host Shabbat weekends. Their visits are filled with public lectures and special events.

Rabbi David Blackman

Contact Address:

The Jewish Learning Centre
P.O. Box 1543
Double Bay

Tel: +61 2 9365 5667
Fax: +61 2 9365 3578

Physical address for Shirum:

56 Warners Ave
North Bondi

The branches of Ohr Somayach are legally, financially and structurally independent of each other.

Ohr Somayach International is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation (letter on file) EIN 13-3503155 and your donation is tax deductable.