Weekly Daf #70

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The Weekly Daf by Rav Mendel Weinbach

Sanhedrin 58-64 - Issue #70
9 - 15 Sivan 5755 / 7 - 13 June1995

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Meat from Heaven

The Question: 	What is the law concerning a
piece of meat which
miraculously comes down from
heaven - is it permissible
to eat it?

The Background: This question was asked in the Beis Midrash by Rabbi Shimon
ben Chalafta at the conclusion of a remarkable incident.
This sage had been walking along when suddenly confronted by
two roaring, hungry lions. "The lions cry out for game" he
quoted the words of King David (Tehillim 104:21) and Heaven
responded by raining down two slabs of meat. One of them
was consumed by the lions and they left behind the other.
It was this meat which Rabbi Shimon brought to the Beis
Midrash and inquired about its kashrus.

The Ruling: "No impure food comes down from Heaven."

Sanhedrin 59b

The Wicked Hand

"One who raises his hand to strike another,"

states the Sage Reish Lakish,

"is considered a wicked man even if he does not actually hit him."

This is deduced from the words of admonition which Moshe Rabbeinu said to the man he saw threatening to strike another. "He said to the wicked one," writes the Torah (Shmos 2:13) "why do you strike your neighbor." Since he did not challenge him for actually striking the other person we conclude that he was labeled a wicked man for merely raising his hand to do so.

Sanhedrin 58b

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