Explanation of Document Icons

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Explanation of Document Icons

Ohr Somayach provides its files in several formats:

[HTML Format] This is HTML format, which can be viewed directly with your HTML viewer (such as Navigator or MS Internet Explorer). Note that we do use some of the features (like fonts, frames, etc.) found in the latest versions of Navigator & MSIE.

[Text Format] This is a standard ASCII file (text only, no formatting), identical to the file that is sent out via E-Mail each week.

[Acrobat Format] This is Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), which contains full graphics and rich text. To view this file, you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (note that older versions of Acrobat ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the files that we have created using version 3.0).

[Microsoft Word Format] This is Microsoft Word for Windows 7.0 format, which is a copy of the original document used at Ohr Somayach. To view this file, you need to either have a full version of Microsoft Word 7.0, Word for Windows 95, or the Microsoft Word Viewer. Note that if you are using Office 97, you can still view our files. Just make sure you have downloaded the Microsoft® Office 97 Service Release 1. Some of our files are also in MS Word 8.0 (Office 97) format.   To read these files using Word 6.0/95, you need the Microsoft® Word 97 Converter.

[Microsoft Publisher Format] This is Microsoft Publisher 2.0 format, which is a copy of the original document used at Ohr Somayach for Seasons of the Moon and some OS Specials. To view this file, you need to have a full version of Microsoft Publisher 2.0.

Real AudioReal Audio Sound File. You need to have the Real Audio sound player to hear these sounds. Most files require a 28.8k modem connection. If a file is also available for 14.4k modem connections, you will see either (14.4) or (28.8) next to the download icon.

The above icons are inactive. However, when these icons appear on another page on the Ohr Somayach site, just click on the icon to view the document in the desired format.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

Microsoft Word Viewer for Windows

Microsoft® Word 97 Converter.

Real Player from Progressive Networks for Windows, Mac & Unix.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer
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