Weekly Daf #17

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The Weekly Daf by Rav Mendel Weinbach

Bava Kama 100 - 106 - Issue #17
24 - 30 Sivan 5754 / 3 - 9 June 1994

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What No One Gives Away

1 Someone donates everything he owns to the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary trustee cannot claim the clothes which the contributor has provided for his wife and children nor the new shoes he has purchased for them. A man who consecrates his possessions does not have in mind the clothes of his wife and children.
2 Someone donates everything he owns to the Sanctuary. Even his Tefillin belong to the Sanctuary.

Why don't we use the same logic as in Case One and rule that the donor certainly did not have in mind to give away the Tefillin he uses?

The answer, says the Sage Abaye, is that the man who is donating everything to the Sanctuary feels that giving away his Tefillin to a holy cause is as important a mitzvah as holding on to them. But giving away the clothes of his wife and children will rupture his relationship with them so he definitely did not have that in mind.

Bava Kama 102b

Walking in the Way of Hashem

"You will let them know," said Yisro to his son-in-law Moshe, "the way in which they shall walk."

Shmos 18:20

"the way" - refers to acts of kindness to others.

Bava Kama 100a

The definitive designation of the way communicates the sense of the ultimate way, the way of Hashem. Walking in the way of Hashem, say the Sages, means emulating His way by clothing the naked as He did for Adam and Chava, visiting the sick as He did for Avrohom, burying the dead as He did for Moshe and comforting the mourners as He did for Yitzchak.


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