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Issue #17; Teves 5759

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  • Ohr Somayach's Talmid Chacham, Doctor and Financial Guru

    by Victor Hyman

    Dr. Tuvia Meister had a fairly common beginning for a former talmid of Ohr Somayach. Starting from a non-religious home in New York Dr. Meister pursued a medical career from a young age and became "tuned in" to Judaism in medical school.

    Dr. Meister has been an incredible example of drive and determination. In his book The Meister Plan, Dr. Meister explains how it was a television show about a dying 19 year old Jewish boy that led him to finally have a bar mitzvah and pursue Torah and mitzvos. When Rav Eliezar Menachem Shach, shlita, heard this story, he said it was first time he had ever heard of anything good come from television.

    The following years would see Dr. Meister graduate medical school, come to Ohr Somayach, marry, finish Mishnayos 10 times, the Bavli, the Mesechtos Ketanos, Mechilta, Sifra, Sifrei, Mishneh Torah and Sefer Hamitvzvos, Tanach, Talmud Yerushalmi and Tosefta. During this Torah tour d' force, Dr. Meister developed an investment strategy that allowed him to learn Torah full time with only a few hours of work each week to supplement his investment income, and to retire at age forty. He also developed a method for learning that can only be called meticulous, dedicated and ingenious. In The Meister Plan he shares his strategies for learning and earning.

    Rabbi Chaim Scheinberg, shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Torah-Ore, notes in his haskama that Dr. Meister's book "shall serve to highlight the importance of using money to allow one to continue a serious commitment to limud hatorah." With that in mind, The Meister Plan is designed both for people working or in kollel. The learning strategy that Dr. Meister developed will allow someone with drive and determination to cover an extraordinary amount of ground in a very short period of time. In chapter four, Dr. Meister provides outlines for study plans to finish all that he has accomplished in just 10 - 20 years! Replete with real world examples of how to fit in an extra "daf" between x-rays or finish the Talmud while waiting in the public library, Dr. Meister writes with warmth and an understanding of the financial demands of a frum family. While Dr. Meister himself has used his investment security to afford himself more time to learn, anyone can combine working and learning with his plan to finish not just Shas but all of Torah, and at the same time save for a comfortable retirement. For example, with Dr. Meister's system, if a new father started the 20 year learning plan and put aside just $2000 at the birth of a child, with only $40 per week over the next 20 years, he could accumulate over $300,000 with very little time invested in maintaining the portfolio.

    Dr. Meister's book is based on a system of setting achievable goals in learning and investing small amounts of money regularly, as he says: "My philosophy fits the economic circumstances of most frum families. It's a hands-off philosophy; that's the beauty of it. If you're frum, you really should not be constantly monitoring the stock market; that's not a good way to spend your time," and others in both fields agree. The Meister Plan carries haskamas from Rabbi Chaim P. Scheinberg, shlita, and from Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, shlita. It also contains approbations from Donald R. Nichols, author of Starting Small, Investing Smart and Nathan Sax, Vice President of Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust Company and The Munk Group. It is published by Shaar Press and available at your local Jewish book seller.

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