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Torah Weekly
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This page was last updated 26 October 2000
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Bereishis 1:1-6:8 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Noach 6:9-11:32 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Lech Lecha 12:1-17-27 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Vayera 18:1-22:24 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Chayei Sarah 23:1-25:18 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Toldos 25:19-28:9 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Vayetzei 28:10-32:3 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Vayishlach 32:4-36:43 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Vayeshev 37:1-40:23 [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Miketz 41:1-44:17 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Vayigash 44:18-47:27 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Vayechi 47:28-50:26 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
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Sh'mos 1:1-6:1 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Va'eira 6:2-9:35 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Bo 10:1-13:16 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Beshalach 13:17-17:16 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Yisro 18:1-20:23 [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Mishpatim 21:1-24:18 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Terumah 25:1-27:19 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Tetzaveh 27:20-30:10 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Ki Sisa 30:11-34:35 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Vayakhel 35:1-38:20 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Pekudei 38:21-40:38 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
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Vayikra 1:1-5:20 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Tzav 6:1-8:36 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Shemini 9:1-11:47 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Tazria 12:1-13:58 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Metzora 14:1-15:33 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Acharei Mos 16:1-18:30 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Kedoshim 19:1-20:27 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Emor 21:1-24:23 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Behar 25:1-26:2 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Bechukosai 26:3-27:34 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
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Bamidbar 1:1-4:20 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Nasso 4:21-7:89 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Beha'aloscha 8:1-12:16 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Sh'lach 13:1-15:41 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Korach 16:1-18:32 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Chukas 19:1-22:1 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Balak 22:2-25:9 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Pinchas 25:10-30:1 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Matos 30:2-32:42 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Masei 33:1-36:13
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Devarim 1:1-3:22 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Va'eschanan 3:23-7:11 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Eikev 7:12-11:25 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Re'eh 11:26-16:17 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Shoftim 16:18-21:9 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Ki Seitzei 21:10-25:19 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Ki Savo 26:1-29:8 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Nitzavim 29:9-30:20 [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
Vayeilech 31:1-31:30
Ha'azinu 32:1-32:52 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
V'zos Habracha 33:1-34:12 [HTML] [ASCII] [PDF] [Word]
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