Exploring Judaism

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    Exploring Judaism

  • Roadmap to Jewish Learning
    A guide to the written and oral law.

  • Jewish IQ Test
    A game of Jewish un-Trivia with 10 different questions each time.

  • Concerning The Jews
    A Cartoon Exposition based on an essay by Mark Twain.

  • Matan Torah - The Giving of the Torah
    written by Rabbi Gavriel Rubin. An outline of the order of events surrounding the giving of the Torah according to Rashi.

  • Daf Yomi
    The Worldwide Daily Study of a Page of Talmud

  • Recommended Reading List
    A list of dozens of books on Jewish topics, recommended by the Rabbis of Ohr Somayach.

  • Living Up to the Truth
    A rational justification for living traditional Judaism. Rejecting a "leap of faith", the author shows that there is sufficient evidence to warrant basing one's life on the truth of the Torah.
    ThirdRevised Edition - January 1997!

  • Gematria of the Bigdei Kehuna
    Comparing the Gematria of the clothing of the Kohanim with the sins for which they atone.

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