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Parsha Q&A

Parshas Chayei Sarah

For the week ending 27 Cheshvan 5757; 8 & 9 Novenber 1996

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  • Parsha Questions

    1. Name the four couples buried in Kiryat Arba.
    2. What did Sarah hear that caused her death?
    3. What title of honor did the B'nei Ches bestow upon Avraham?
    4. Where was Avraham born?
    5. How were Avraham's camels distinguished?
    6. What is meant by "all the good of his master in his hand?"
    7. What special character trait did Eliezer seek when choosing a wife for Yitzchak?
    8. Why did Avraham's servant, Eliezer, run toward Rivka?
    9. Why did Lavan run to greet Eliezer?
    10. When Lavan told Eliezer that the house was cleared out, what did he remove?
    11. Who did Eliezer want Yitzchak to marry?
    12. Aside from Eliezer, to which other people did Rivka offer to give water?
    13. Lavan answered Eliezer before his father, Besuel, had a chance. What does this indicate about Lavan's character?
    14. What did Rivka mean when she said "I will go?"
    15. What blessing did Rivka's family give her before she departed?
    16. Who was Ketura?
    17. What gift did Avraham give to Yitzchak?
    18. How old was Avraham when he died?
    19. For how many years did Yaakov attend the Yeshiva of Ever?
    20. How many times is Eliezer's name mentioned in this week's Parsha?

    Bonus Question
    By giving the camels water, Rivka demonstrated her sharp intelligence, plus her sensitivity to the feelings of others. How so?

    I Did Not Know That!

    Eliezer said "I will not eat until I have spoken my words...." (24:33)

    It is forbidden to eat before doing a mitzvah such as lulav or shofar. Therefore, now that Eliezer had the opportunity to fulfill the oath he made to Avraham, it was forbidden for him to eat.

    Rabbi Binyamin Diskin

    Recommended Reading List

    The Cave of Machpela
    Blessed in all Things
    Rivka's Modesty
    Full of Years
    Prayer or Divination
    The Awe of Yitzchak
    Avraham's Death

    Answers to this Week's Questions

    Questions | Contents

    All references are to the verses and Rashi's commentary, unless otherwise stated

    1. 23:2 - Adam and Chava, Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivka, Yaakov and Leah.
    2. 23:2 - That Yitzchak was almost slaughtered.
    3. 23:6 - Prince of G-d.
    4. 24:7 - Ur Kasdim.
    5. 24:10 - They were muzzled, so they wouldn't graze in the fields of others.
    6. 24:10 - Eliezer carried a document in which Avraham gave all he owned to Yitzchak so that people would want their daughter marry him.
    7. 24:14 - He sought someone who excelled in performing acts of kindness.
    8. 24:17 - He saw that the waters of the well rose when she approached.
    9. 24:29 - Lavan coveted his money.
    10. 24:31 - Idols.
    11. 24:39 - His own daughter.
    12. 24:44 - To the men who accompanied Eliezer.
    13. 24:50 - That he was wicked.
    14. 24:58 - I will go even if you don't want me to go.
    15. 24:60 - That the blessings given to Avraham would continue through her children.
    16. 25:1 - Hagar.
    17. 25:5 - The power of blessing.
    18. 25:7 - One hundred and seventy five years old.
    19. 25:17 - Fourteen years.
    20. None!

    Bonus Question
    Rivka had a dilemma. She couldn't bring home a jug of water from which Eliezer, a total stranger, drank. But if she spilled out the water, Eliezer would be embarrassed. She solved the dilemma by giving the water to the camels.
    Beis Halevi

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