Mike Filkins

Gurnee, Illinois

I loved jInternship's balance of interning, learning, and travel. My internship experience in Jerusalem also led to more opportunities with companies back home!

College attended: University of Minnesota
Internship at:NG Needle

Bradley Widawer

Tarzana. CA

jInternship offered me a summer of a lifetime. I got to work in a large multinational electronics and computer chip company. I ran experiments using principals I thought would never leave my college classroom, all the while learning and growing in Torah

College attended: UCLA
Internship at:AVX

Yoni Levin

Totonto, Canada

jInternship is a one-of-a-kind experience that has helped me start a future in healthcare and has opened my mind to what Judaism has to offer. Those attending jInternship should come prepared to learn as much as possible because there is no limit to what this program has to offer.

College attended: McMaster University
Internship at:Hadassah Medical Center

Teddy Kravetsky

Kitchener, Ontario

j-Internship was a great way to experience living and working in Israel and also giving me the opportunity to get in touch with my Jewish roots. The program allowed me to make lasting connections with Jews from around North America and to get a better understanding of what Israeli work culture is all about. I still keep in touch with friends from the trip and my supervisor 2 years later!

College attended: University of Waterloo
Internship at:Hatzala