Experince Israel. From breathtaking views to one-of-a-kind cultural immersion, this small but geologically and culturally diverse country is like none other. We have a large variety of unique trips going on year-round; specific destinations vary. These trips range from afternoon excursions to exotic weekends exploring and experiencing different communities.


Settling In

We will assist you with getting settled in Jerusalem. We will provide you information about public transport and cellular service accommodations.


Scholarships are available to qualifying participants decreasing the costs to as low as $390, depending on the dates, duration, and other factors. Additional scholarships to cover airfare are available as well. Contact us for more information


This program runs year-round there are 2 and 4 month options.

Is this for guys only?

The dormitory facilities and Jewish learning programs are separate. The internships and various Israel seminars are co-ed.

Cellular and wifi info?

Cellular service in Israel is very inexpensive. It runs at about 15 dollars a month for 50 gig of 4G internet with unlimited calling and texting. Our staff will be glad to assist you in obtaining a good plan. There is dedicated WiFi on campus for jInternship students.

Do I have to buy my own food?

Not usually. Three daily meals are provided free of charge to all students at our Ohr Somayach campus. Lunch is often provided by the internship. Depending on your scholarship, there may be an additional lunch allowance or you may have to purchase it.

Where do I sleep?

We provide comfortable student lodging facilities for no additional charge. Depending on the internship dates, the interns stay either in hotels, off-campus apartments, or Ohr Somayach dorms.

Is there good public transportation?

Yes, Our campus is located close to light rail train, and an extensive network of buses.