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Yom Iyun

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Rav Nota Schiller

The View from Sinai
1:45 PM EDT
12:45 PM Central
10:45 AM Pacific

Rav Yitzchak Breitowitz

What Really Happened on Shavuos?
2:30 PM EDT
1:30 pm Central
11:30 AM Pacific

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb

The Jewish People and the Torah are One
3:15 PM EDT
2:15 PM Central
12:15 PM Pacific

Rabbi Akiva Tatz

Sinai Then and Now
4:00 PM EDT
3:00 PM Central
1:00 PM Pacific

MR. Harry Rothenberg

The Road to Heaven: Lessons from Ruth
4:45 PM EDT
3:45 PM Central
1:45 PM Pacific

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