For the week ending 27 July 2019 / 24 Tammuz 5779

Parshat Matot

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  1. Who may annul a vow?
  2. When may a father annul his widowed daughter's vows?
  3. Why were the Jewish People not commanded to attack Moav, as they were to attack Midian?
  4. Those selected to fight Midian went unwillingly. Why?
  5. What holy vessels accompanied the Jewish People into battle?
  6. Those who killed in the war against Midian were required to remain outside the"machane" (camp). Which machane?
  7. Besides removing traces of forbidden food, what else is needed to make metal vessels obtained from a non-Jew fit for a Jewish owner?
  8. "We will build sheep-pens here for our livestock and cities for our little ones." What was improper about this statement?
  9. During the conquest of the Land, where did Bnei Gad and Bnei Reuven position themselves?
  10. What promise did Bnei Gad and Bnei Reuven make beyond that which Moshe required?


  1. 30:2 - Preferably, an expert in the laws of nedarim. Otherwise, three ordinary people.
  2. 30:10 - If she is under 12 and 1/2 years old and widowed before she was fully married.
  3. 31:2 - Because Moav only acted out of fear against the Jewish People. Also, Ruth was destined to come from Moav.
  4. 31:5 - They knew that Moshe's death would follow.
  5. 31:6 - The aron and the tzitz.
  6. 31:19 - The Machane Shechina.
  7. 31:23 - Immersion in a mikve.
  8. 32:16 - They showed more regard for their property than for their children.
  9. 32:17 - At the head of the troops.
  10. 32:24 - Moshe required them to remain west of the Jordan during the conquest of the Land. They promised to remain after the conquest until the Land was divided among the tribes.

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