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Topic: 10 Plagues, Memorizing

Lequida Jennings in Sulphur Springs, TX wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Is there an easy way to teach kids to memorize the ten plagues?

Dear Lequida Jennings,

An easy way to memorize the ten plagues is to make a song out it. That's how they teach it to kids in my community. Perhaps use the tune "Ten Little Indians."

In the Haggada we read the night of Passover, there is an acrostic, the first letters of the plagues in Hebrew: Datzach Adash B'achav. You could do the same in English: For example, in the nonsense phrase BaFLle WaCS HoLD FiB, the capital letters represent the plagues, in order: Blood, Frogs, Lice, Wild animals, Cattle disease, Skin disease (boils), Hail, Locusts, Darkness, First Born (slaying of).

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