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Topic: Name Ending, "Yahu"

Email@Withheld wrote

Dear Rabbi,

Explain the "yahu" ending on many names. In our English Scripture we have the name Elijah but I see it spelled Eliyahu in Jewish texts. Many other names have the same ending. I understand the "Jah" refers to the name of G-d. But please explain the "yahu" spelling.

Dear Email@Withheld,

"Yahu" is the original Hebrew ending of many Hebrew names. For instance, Elijah is Eliyahu (my middle name!), Isaiah is Yishayahu. Yahu is a short term used as the name of G-d, as it is spelled with the first three letters of the Holy Name. For example, Eliyahu means My G-d (Eli) is called Yahu; the name Shemaryahu means "my guard" is Yahu.

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