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Topic: Ark of Covenant, Direction Keruvim's Faced

Michael Brose from Lena, Illinois wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Earlier this year we were in Jerusalem on a tour. We visited the Jewish Institute, and during our visit there we noticed that there were several depictions of the Ark of the Covenant. One had the figures on the Ark facing each other and the wings extended toward the center. The other had the figures facing away from each other, and the wings unfurled to their backs toward the center of the Ark. My question is, which is correct? This may be impossible to answer, but any enlighten- ment is most welcome.

Dear Michael Brose,

The Talmud says that when the Jews fulfilled the will of G-d, the winged images on the ark (keruvim) faced each other, but when the Jews did not fulfill the will of G-d they faced away from each other.


  • Bava Batra 99a

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