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Topic: Candle Lighting Times Anywhere

Doron Spierer from Bala Cynwyd, PA wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Please direct me to the appropriate web site. I am going on vacation and need to figure out candle lighting time for Aruba, 70 degrees West Longitude, 12 degrees, 30 minutes North Latitude, for Friday night, July 3, 1998. Thank you.

Debra Berke wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

I have a couple that wishes to travel to the Caribbean next week. They will only stay in a hotel that will service kosher meals. Please help if you know any hotels that will help them. All of the hotels that I know of only serve kosher during the holidays.

Dear Debra Berke and Doron Spierer,

Regarding the kashrut "scene" in the Caribbean and the candle lighting time in Aruba, I recommend you contact Rabbi Levi Ishak, the rabbi of the Jewish community in Barranquilla, Venezuela on the Caribbean coast. Rabbi Ishak can be reached at 57-56-340-050 or 57-56-344-514.

A site that lists candle lighting times is Virtual Jerusalem's website:

A nice vacation to all!

Doron Spierer responds:

Thank you so much for answering my e-mail. I did some searching of my own on the web and found the following site:

They will calculate all appropriate times based on location or latitude/longitude (although getting the latitude/longitude feature to work is a little tricky). Thank you so much for your help. I just wanted you to know about the above site.

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