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Topic: Credit Cards, Muktzeh

Itamar from Thornhill, Ontario wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Are the following items muktzeh [forbidden to move on Shabbat]? Passport? Driver's license? Credit card? Birth certificate? I figured a credit card might not be muktzeh, because you are not actually carrying money. Thanks a lot.

Dear Itamar,

Muktzeh refers to different types of items which are forbidden to be moved on Shabbat, or which can only be moved under limited circumstances.

A credit card is like money in this regard. It has no use on Shabbat and is therefore muktzeh. Important papers, too, are reserved for safekeeping by their owners and therefore they are muktzeh.


  • Magen Avraham 307:20, Mishnah Berurah (ad loc.) 56

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