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Victor Rodriguez from Thornhill, Canada wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

This question is regarding an illness that has been around me for a while, and it is not a tangible thing to treat [arthritis]. Most medical advice only relates to the fact that they say my immune system went out of control and my own immune system is attacking my own body. Can you tell how can I fix this problem? I heard that a long time ago we were able to diagnose our illnesses and cure ourselves consulting a certain book and using only herbs. Is this book still available? The name of the book is "Chizkiya Hamelech." Thanks.

Dear Victor Rodriguez,

First of all, may G-d grant you a complete cure and recovery. The book you refer to was in the possession of Chizkiyah, King of Judea. Its cures were so effective that people began relying on the book and ceased to realize that it was in fact Hashem who was healing them. To remedy this, King Chizkiyah hid this book. The book does not exist today and so cannot help you. The best that you can do is to continue to seek competent medical advice and treatment and pray to Hashem for a complete healing.


Tractate Pesachim 56a

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