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Topic: Sheviti, Definition

Howard D Feiner from San Mateo, California wrote:

What is a "sheviti?" What do they say and are there any special things about them?

Dear Howard D Feiner,

A "sheviti" is a written page with the verse "I have placed G-d before me always" and sometimes also Psalm 67 written in the form of a menorah. The Hebrew word sheviti means "I have placed." The purpose of the sheviti is to arouse a person's awareness of the presence of God and to instill fear of heaven. Many synagogues have such posters on the wall, or in front of the cantor and some place small pages in their prayerbooks. Some authorities are against production of the small shevitis since it is very likely that they will be lost, or not treated with the proper respect due to something that contains the name of Hashem.


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