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Count the Days

by Simcha Groffman
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Parshas Emor


Moishie, you're still up! It's so late, dear. Why don't you go to sleep?

I can't sleep, Mom. I'm too excited.

What are you excited about Moishie?

My birthday party, Mom. All of the family will be there, and we'll have such a nice meal with such delicious desserts, and a big birthday cake.

Just like every year, Moishie dear.

And then I'll get to open the presents.


Grandma and Grandpa always bring me a beautiful big toy. Books, puzzles, games; I'll be busy for weeks!

No wonder you can't sleep.

Mom, I've even been counting the days.

How many days till your birthday, Moishie?

Eight, not counting today.

How long have you been counting the days?

Two weeks now.


I can see that for a special event like this, you are so excited that you can't wait for the days to pass.

Exactly, Mom. That's why I'm counting them.

Do you know the Jewish people as a nation collectively count the days together during a certain period of time every year?

Are you referring to the "counting of the Omer" Mom?

Yes I am Moishie.

We are anticipating a very special event, much greater than your birthday.

I know, Mom. The giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.

That's right Moishie. The Torah is G-d's greatest gift to mankind. It is the blueprint for the world and the guide for our lives. Without the Torah, none of us would be here.

Really Mom?

Yes, Moishie. G-d has preserved and guarded the Jewish people all of these thousands of years because we have preserved and guarded His Torah. There is no greater gift. Not only that, Torah study is very enjoyable. One who learns Torah finds it sweeter than honey. This year, like every year, on the holiday of Shavuous, we celebrate the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. If we prepare ourselves properly for the reception of this great gift, we will be able to receive it in its entirety, just as our ancestors did 3500 years ago.

Really Mom?

Yes, Moishie. That is G-d gift to us. Therefore, we count the days. Every day another preparation. Every day another step closer. Day by day, we count our steps as we draw closer and closer to the big event.

Mom, you've gotten me so excited about Shavuous that I'll never fall asleep!

Don't worry Moishie. Lay in bed, relax, and think about all of the good that G-d has done for you. You'll be asleep in no time.

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