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Shoresh - Semester in Jerusalem
A rare opportunity to study in Israel and earn college credits at a price you can afford.


  • To gain a broad knowledge of Judaism and its relevance to the 21st century Jew.
  • Self-sufficiency in reading and understanding Hebrew texts.
  • An unforgettable experience exploring the Land of Israel, as you've never seen it before.


Wide range of classes exploring: Classic Questions in Jewish philosophy; Practical Jewish Living, Language (Ulpan); History; and exciting and challenging hands-on textual learning.
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Discover the Land of Israel - off the beaten track. Experience the thrill of living in Jerusalem and see your heritage come alive.


High staff to student ratio leads to excellent student-staff relationships. Our highly qualified and motivated staff headed by Rabbi Reuven Geffen also includes internationally renowned lecturers such as:
  • Rabbi Dr Dovid Gottlieb – author & former professor of philosophy at John Hopkins University
  • Rabbi Dr Yitzchok Breitowitz - former professor of law at the University of Maryland
  • Rabbi Dovid Kaplan – author and international Jewish lecturer


Yeshivat Ohr Somayach offers a number of college level courses and has a Bachelor Degree Program in Talmudic Law or Judaic Studies.  The degree issued by Ohr Somayach, while not recognized by any accreditation organization in the US, has been accepted by many prominent graduate programs in the US and other countries, as the equivalent of a recognized Bachelor Degree.  However, Ohr Somayach makes no representations regarding the acceptability of its degree or its credits.  Each student is advised to ascertain, whether or not the credits or the degree will be accepted by the College or University he is attending or wishes to attend. For further information please contact the Ohr Somayach Registrar.


An exciting learning schedule is personally designed based the student's learning experience and length of stay.

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