For the week ending 5 March 2016 / 25 Adar I 5776

Donuts and Do Nots

by Rabbi Nota Schiller
In reference to the recent Israeli High Court decision permitting the Reform Movement to use religious council mikvahs
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As ever, we differentiate between the idea and the person. Ad hominem attacks are reserved for vague targets, and we differentiate between vigorous critique of a wrongheaded ideology and the yet still well-meaning flag-bearers flapping in the gusts of that zeitgeist.

Imagine a group of keffiyeh donned protestors against the State and the keffiyehs sewn from remnants of Israeli flags. Outrageous, chutzpah on parade!

Have the apologists here taken note of the Pew study's report of the glaringly increasingly empty pews in the reform and conservative synagogues? The tired classical tactic of inventing issues for the uninspired and the disappearing-bored is more than transparent. That very same Torah that requires mikvah immersion for conversion also requires it for family purity and commitment to Mitzvahs as part of the package. When is the last time those female “rabbis” of those reform congregations used a mikvah? If that mikvah has no halachic valence, then why not use the pool at the local “Y”. And if you really want to be ecumenical it could be the YM/WCA.

Often clichés got there because they are basically true. “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” The obvious need for American support has had its impact. Well placed donors on Federation boards like in chess can bring about a “check-mate.”

If still waters run deep, then dunking for diversion is “wholey” for donuts!

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