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For the week ending 18 January 2003 / 15 Shevat 5763

Brothers in Blood

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"Sharing for Life" is the name of a program designed to give American visitors to Israel an opportunity to become "blood brothers" with Jews in Israel. Magen David Adom, with the help of its American arm (ARMD) and the conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, is encouraging these visitors to donate blood while they are here.

The routine need for blood has been increased by the terrorist attacks which leave behind military and civilian casualties. In addition there is the threat of a biological attack by terrorists or the Iraqis which necessitates additional supplies of blood components to produce antibodies for appropriate vaccines.

These considerations inspired the campaign about which its organizers say "There is no more personal demonstration of commitment and concern than giving blood". Tourists have been invited to come to the MDA National Blood Center in Ramat Gan, one of the worlds most advanced blood processing facilities, or to simply walk into one of the 25 bloodmobiles stationed at their hotels or other convenient locations, roll up their sleeves and become blood brothers in the fullest sense of the term.

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