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For the week ending 20 July 2013 / 12 Av 5773

Pesachim 30 - 36

by Rabbi Moshe Newman
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Rabbi Idi bar Avin said, “Fruit juice does not cause chametz.”

Fruit juice includes liquids other than water (such as oil or honey) and is reason why flour combined with any liquid other than water does not qualify as chametz. Only water is chemically capable of creating the leavening action which creates chametz according to halacha.

  • Pesachim 36a-b

The Sage Shmuel taught, “Why is matza called ‘lechem oni (Devarim16:3)? Because many things are proclaimed over it (onimeans to say or proclaim)”

Rashi explains that we say the complete hallel and the haggada at the Seder with the matza.

  • Pesachim 36a

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