For the week ending 23 February 2013 / 12 Adar I 5773

Rewriting Geography: Jerusalem, Lakewood, Washington

by Rabbi Nota Schiller
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Returning from Lakewood, I once again find the streets of Jerusalem filled with little kings, queens, brides and knights: erev Purim.

Overheard at the recent Lakewood JLE Mentor-Shabbaton:

“While your instructors and history books have taught that Washington DC is the capital of the United States there is another ‘longer’ view. Longer going back and longer going forward. Our sources teach that Torah energizes the world. In fact, it was ‘The Blueprint’, the Creator’s ‘Architectural Plan’ for creation. Inasmuch as there is more Torah learned per square inch/per capita in Lakewood, New Jersey than in any other place in the Diaspora, that would make Lakewood, New Jersey the capital of the Galut, North America, The United States.

Of course, Jerusalem is the capital of the world. Now if it seems audacious for a guest from Jerusalem to tell you the capital of the United States of America, I would counter that this 200-year country should be more malleable in that regard than our having someone from Washington DC come over to our 3,300 year-old capital and telling us it isn’t.”

Even post-Purim, when our children are no longer donned in royal garb and appear rather civilian, that guest’s words should be taken to heart. They are just masquerading. They are sons and daughters of the Davidic dynasty.

Happy Purim!

With esteem and Torah blessings.

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