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Menachot 79 - 85

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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  • How the invalid slaughtering of the Korban Todah affects the breads that accompany it
  • What is done with the nesachim designated to accompany a sacrifice which turns out to be invalid
  • When does bread not accompany the product of a Korban Todah
  • Which funds must one use for purchasing the animal and bread for fulfillment of a vow to offer a Korban Todah
  • Which sacrifices can come from outside Eretz Israel
  • What were the best sources for flour for the Omer offering and the two loaves on Shavuot
  • Improper sources for the flour
  • The source for the Omer offering to be from barley
  • Best source for the oil used in the Beit Hamikdash
  • The bounty of olive oil in the portion of the Tribe of Asher

Three Scenarios for a Switch

  • Menachot 83b

When does an animal designated for a particular sacrifice become eligible for a different sacrifice?

If a Jew designated an animal to be a Korban Pesach and it was not used for that purpose, then it must be sacrificed as a Korban Shelamim.

Three different Torah sources are cited for this rule, and the question arises as to why so many sources are needed.

The answer is that there are three different possibilities for such an animal to be invalid for a Korban Pesach despite being designated for that purpose.

One is that when the time came for offering the Korban Pesach (14 Nissan), the animal was more than a year old, an age that disqualifies it for such a sacrifice. Another case is that the animal was not around on that date but was theoretically available for the Pesach Sheini sacrifice a month later. A third possibility is that the animal was lost and another was designated in its place. If it turned up before middayof the fourteenth, which is too early for offering the Korban Pesach, it can be offered as a Korban Shelamim.

What the Sages Say

"When the mishna rules that any wood in which a worm is found is disqualified for use on the altar, this applies only to wood which is damp. When the wood is dry the worm can simply be scraped from it."

  • The Sage Shmuel - Menachot 85b

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