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For the week ending 19 February 2011 / 14 Adar I 5771

Happy Jews Everywhere

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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In last week's column we reported the results of a survey which showed that the religious population in Israel was more satisfied with its social-economic situation than all other sectors. The connection between religion and happiness received another confirmation from a survey conducted in the US by Gallup-Healthways among 554,066 American adults.

These people were asked questions relating to their emotional and physical health, work environment and healthy behavior. Of all groups surveyed Jews were ranked Number One and the "very religious" scored the highest.

The researchers suggested that this was the result of "social aspects of attending religious institutions" and concluded that "the findings confirm the strong positive relationship between religiosity and well-being."

The lesson to be learned from the surveys in Israel and the US is that the Jew who is committed to Torah is a happier human being and possesses the strength to preserve the People of Israel forever.

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