The Human Side of the Story

For the week ending 29 January 2011 / 23 Shevat 5771

In G-d We Trust

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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When the Israeli Knesset was on the verge of passing an economic bill that would severely cut government support for religious education, a demonstration against this unpopular measure was held in Jerusalem.

One of the demonstrators did something very original. He pulled out a 200 Shekel bill bearing the likeness of a former president of Israel, the late Zalman Shazar, and read aloud the following words from one of his writings which appear in tiny print on this bill:

"The nation of Israel always, even in its darkest hours, made sure to preserve this precious asset, that of Torah study for all its children. Every town that did not have a teacher did not have the status of a town."

At the conclusion of the quote he turned to some journalists and asked: "Does the Finance Minister know what’s printed on the bills that his office prints?"

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