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For the week ending 8 May 2010 / 23 Iyyar 5770

Jewish Law for the Jewish State

by Rabbi Mendel Weinbach zt'l
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In our Parshat Mishpatim issue we quoted what Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman said during a symposium at the Interdisciplinary Center in Haifa about the need to consult Jewish law in order to look at our ethical and cultural roots rather than completely adopt the values of foreign societies.

Several weeks later Neeman was again in Herzliya to speak at an afternoon tea gathering of the Israel-Britain and the Commonwealth Association. The Justice Minister focused on Jewish law and its place in the legal system, noting that throughout 2,000 years of exile Jews maintained Jewish law and tradition.

"The law is one of the most valuable assets of our national traditions," he said, "because the basic principles of Jewish law are relevant to a Jewish state."

It is hoped that his words will as well be heard by Israeli leaders as a recipe for guaranteeing Israel forever.

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